Sundrop Fuels™

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About Sundrop Fuels

Privately-held Sundrop Fuels is a globally-focused bio-based fuel and chemicals company, with headquarters in Longmont, Colorado.  The company is building what will be the world’s single-largest biogasoline production facility, located near Alexandria, Louisiana. 
Sundrop Fuels’ inaugural plant will incorporate its proprietary high-temperature Sundrop BioReforming Reactor system, which transforms cellulosic biomass from almost any type of plant material into affordable, renewable fuels for immediate use in today’s automobiles, diesel engines and aircraft. The technology is also well-suited for the production of bio-based chemicals, from biomass alone and with natural gas or other carbon feedstocks.
In a world where it is increasingly critical to combine fuel supply security, economic stability and environmental stewardship, Sundrop Fuels provides an elegant and commercially viable solution that is as timely as it is innovative.


Formed in 2008, Sundrop Fuels is backed by its strategic partner, Chesapeake Energy Corp., and by two of the world’s premier venture capital groups, Oak Investment Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. 


The company has assembled a committed team of industry leaders with proven, experienced senior executives and engineers from Exxon, Sasol, Eastman Chemicals, ConocoPhillips, Sonoco and many other of the world’s leading energy and technology companies.

Incorporating its unique facility design, Sundrop Fuels’ first “greenfield” biorefinery in Lousiana will produce more than 225 million gallons (more than 675,000 tonnes) of 87-octane biogasoline.

Future full-scale biorefineries will also annually produce more than 200 million gallons (more than 600,000 tonnes) of fuel that is fully compatible with fuel industry quality standards and available at an unsubsidized cost of about $2 per gallon (~$0.53 per liter). For emerging global markets, the scalability of the Sundrop Fuels process allows for smaller, efficient facilities as required to match local feedstock conditions.
As importantly, the Sundrop Fuels biofuels production path significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions as compared to conventional petroleum processes.
Every gallon of Sundrop Fuels drop-in cellulosic advanced biofuel – or biogasoline – has been produced with at least 60% less life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions as compared to petroleum fuel.  As such, the biogasoline will generate RIN credits under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Internationally, this also enables Sundrop Fuels to comply with important local clean energy and fuel standards.
In addition, the biomass feedstocks used in the Sundrop Fuels process come not from food crops but from sustainable timber, energy crop plantations and agricultural wastes.